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Choosing Your Perfect Sign...

I thought I would tell you a little more about our collections to help you choose your perfect product.

Our Collections:

Oneoffs - these are signs made using offcuts of ply and framed using reclaimed wood - so there is only a limited number available and are ready to post.

Little Notes of Wisdom - Small reclaimed wood sign approx. 20x9cm, usually painted in Dark Grey with White lettering and hung with rusty wire.  If you have a favourite quote or words of wisdom let us turn it into a hanging sign for you.  These make the perfect gift.

Above the Door Signs - Long, slim, reclaimed wood signs, initially designed to be placed above doors, however due to the light weight of them, they are also perfect as additions to wreaths, or to stick to a door or on a gallery wall.  These do not come with fixings, as we think the velcro type command strips are perfect for easily attaching and removing to walls.

Long Wood Signs - These are chunky lengths of wood cut to 80cm.  They are usually 10cm tall but can be 9cm on occasion.  They have sawtooth hangers on the back for easy wall hanging.

Planked Signs - These are extremely rustic, made from planks of reclaimed wood attached together.  They can be sealed for outdoor use and come with fixings on the back for wall hanging.  

Framed Signs - We paint ply boards, meaning that although though may still be imperfections, there won't be any nail holes on the design/lettering area.  They are then framed with reclaimed wood which can vary in thickness. 

Round & Shapes - These are cut, free hand, from old pine board off cuts, so they will not be machine precision shapes, however they will definitely have handmade charm and uniqueness! They also may have knots and markings.

Signposts - We make a variety of signposts, from a simple staked sign, to a free standing sign post with a number of signs attached.  We also have a flat pack version to make transporting your sign post pretty simple, especially for Weddings.  As with all our signs, they will have nail holes, knots and markings.

Please note... We use reclaimed wood for all of our makes.  Markings, cracks and nail holes are to be expected in our signs.  Please bear this in mind when ordering, as the lettering added to your sign can also have holes through the middle of it.  This is such a wonderful and natural way to add character to your sign.  One of a kind.  They are then hand painted with the lettering also being painted on by use of stencils (which we also make ourselves)

If you have a specific idea in mind, please get in touch

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