My Story

Hello, I'm Emma...


I design every sign in-house, assemble, paint and distress by hand.  I use reclaimed/repurposed wood, which means each piece is unique thanks to the imperfections such as nail holes, dings, knots, making our signs perfectly imperfect and one of a kind. Even with imperfections we can create something beautiful. They look stunning on the walls of your home or make that perfect special unique gift.

I am a small business, meaning you receive personal attention and I offer a huge amount of choice on products -  sizes, colours and even frame styles!  As most products are made to order they can be adapted to suit you. You can create a personalised, meaningful gift right here.


It all began, originally under the name Jacques Designs, followed by Gracie Jacques, then changed yet again to Emma Jayne Handmade!  However, following a really tough 2018, and my children losing their daddy to a brain tumour, I felt an immense desire to find a purpose!

The Imperfect Wood Company was born. 

Many of my makes are quote based. I have always loved quotes but didn't realise just how much I would need & apply them in my life! They help me enormously to cope with situations, whether it be because I'm having a bad day, full of anxiety or coping with grief. Words are powerful and I wanted to create a way these could be displayed, in a beautifully rustic way, in your homes, just as they are in my own!


I use reclaimed wood and eco-friendly paints for most of my signs. The wood for my signs and frames have been used in another way before. My wood supplier is a community business who save wood from landfill and chipping, as well as providing volunteering opportunities for the community.

The way I see it, is that the reusing of the wood, making it into something better with effort, is the same as the reusing of our thoughts and turning negative thoughts around.  Trying to be open minded rather than having fixed mindsets.  It takes effort but is possible.  Going through the grieving process gave me a real insight into how difficult this is, and without the right support, it can feel like an impossible task. This is why supporting Mental Health means a lot to me.

I believe that a positive mindset is the key, and my signs are primarily designed to help us think positively.  If a few signs can make a difference to one persons mindset then that's enough for me.   This was definitely my key for moving forwards in life, no matter how small the steps, especially after trauma.


Through my business, I donate a percentage of sales to two charities close to my heart. Brain Tumour Research - in memory of my two eldest children’s daddy, because he passed away from a brain tumour aged 43; and SUNRISE Wellbeing - a local Leicestershire holistic therapeutic support service for children, young people & adults.

I believe we, as humans, are here to help each other.  My way of doing that is by making these signs to be put up in your homes, to help you get through tough times, or simply to act as reminders - something we all need from time to time.

I specialise in bespoke signs, so please feel free to contact me if you have your own ideas.

Thank you for being here.