Outdoor Signs

Shop our signs designed for outdoors.  We use a sealant which is eco-friendly and allows you to place your signs outside.  It is always best to keep them out of the full force of weather, but saying that, i have mine hung on the fence with no cover at all, and it is doing great.  The water beads uo and just runs off it.

Our signs are handpainted using Little Greene or Farrow & Ball Eco-Friendly paints.  The wood used for the long signs, hanging signs, planked signs and the framing is mainly from old pallets.  We cut these down, sand and stain/paint them. We cut and fix the framing to the sign (we do not attempt to cover or fix any holes or markings as this is what makes our signs unique and simply stunning, creating a real rustic look).  Our hanging signs are hung with rope or old wire.  Our long and planked signs have fixings on the back for wall hanging, if required.  Our framed signs are wall hung from the frame ledge itself.

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