My Story

Welcome to The Imperfect Wood Company.  We are all a little imperfect, and that's ok. I use reclaimed/repurposed materials, to show that even with imperfections we can create something beautiful. Imperfections are what make us unique and instead of hiding away, we should be proud. Proud of who we are and what we can overcome.

I believe that a positive mindset is the key, and my signs are primarily designed to help us think positively. 

All of the wood for my hand painted signs and frames have been used in another way before. The suppliers of the wood are a community business saving wood from landfill and chipping, as well as providing volunteering opportunities for the community.  The way I see it, is that the reusing of the wood is the same as the reusing of our thoughts. Turning negative thoughts around, trying to be open minded rather than having fixed mindsets. Going through the grieving process gave me a real insight into how difficult this is, and without the right support, it can feel like an impossible task. This is why supporting Mental Health means a lot to me. Read more...

Bespoke - Create Your Own

Love our style of wood frames and signs, but cannot find the right words?  Then create your own here.   Select from a number of different paint choices, choose your preferred product and let us know your words.  We will create a design layout for you to approve before any painting begins.  All designs are hand painted.  There is no printing or engraving here.  If you had something in mind which is completely bespoke then please get in touch.  Bepoke is our speciality!

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