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A Guide to help you choose your perfect sign...

All of our signs are rustic, however there are varying degrees of rusticity! If you love the rustic, aged, mis-shapen, country cottage feel to a wooden sign, then you are in the rights place!

Mini, Hanging, Long & Planked Signs | Markings, cracks and nail holes are to be expected in these signs. The lettering painted on to your sign can have holes through the middle of it as the majority of pieces have holes and markings.  This is such a wonderful and natural way to add character to your sign.  One of a kind. 

Framed Signs | We use ply boards, so there won't be any nail holes on the design/lettering area, but there could be markings. They are then framed with reclaimed wood (complete with holes and imperfections)

Wooden Shapes | These are cut from old pine sheet off cuts, so will not have nail holes through them.  They will have knots and markings.

If you have a specific idea in mind, please get in touch